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Vendor Information

How much is it to rent a booth?

All booths are $150 per month. All booths are 10ftx10ft, unless otherwise stated.

What is the commission that is taken?

10% is taken off of all items purchased. If you decide to put something on consignment, then the commission goes up to 20% on that item.

Is there a contract that I am locked into?

There is a contract that has to be signed when you become a vendor; however, the contract is on a month-to-month basis. You are not locked in to any set amount of time. If you decide to leave, a 30 calendar day notice must be turned in at the beginning of the month. 

Are there any restrictions on my booth?

All walls, if you choose to build them, have to be FREESTANDING. Nothing can be drilled in to the floor. We ask that walls be no higher than 8ft. If you choose to have lights in your booth, they must be on a timer that goes off no more than 15 minutes after we close.

When will I receive a check for what I sold?

Checks are ready on the 5th of every month, no earlier. If you wish to see what you sold each day, that will be uploaded onto each night after we close.

Vendor Information: FAQ
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